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The ITAS Apprentice Programme

ITAS Apprentice Training Programme

The ITAS Apprentice Programme puts the learner in the driving seat with a programme of broadbased training designed to give full exposure to the three key automotive repair disciplines.

Unlike other courses which encourage apprentices to choose their discipline at a very early stage, the ITAS programme gives a thorough and holistic introduction to all bodyshop skills in Year One:

  • Mechanical, Electrical and Trim (MET)
  • Body Building and Repair
  • Refinishing

Having gained practical experience of MET, panel repair and painting, our apprentices are well-placed to make an informed decision about where their interest and capability lies, and to elect to specialise in that discipline in Years Two and Three.

The programme combines experience working on vehicles from different manufacturers in Years One and Two with a third year which concentrates exclusively on the bodyshop’s chosen manufacturer.

Emphasis is on practical, hands-on training which is continually assessed in the "workplace" environment at the training school, rather than through formal examinations. There will be elements of traditional and online learning (including prerequisite courses), with some assignments being set between blocks.

Our candidates (and their employers) benefit from a well-rounded apprenticeship in the early years which prepares them for a fulfilling career in the automotive industry and equips them with a detailed knowledge of the necessary manufacturer-specific technologies and repair methodologies.

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