Bodyshop Software

Core: audit compliance and bodyshop database

Core is a secure web-based system which can be used by bodyshop managers, network managers and vehicle manufacturers to record key data, benchmark repair performance and manage compliance to bodyshop approval programmes.

Core ensures that best standards are set, communicated, practised and maintained.


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Core bodyshop software screenshots
Core can be rolled out across multiple locations with minimal cost. It fits seamlessly into a bodyshop's way of working, automatically extracting all the crucial data from existing management systems.

Core integrates with 95% of body management systems out of the box and can be adapted to work with any other software.
Core gives more than just a one-time snapshot of a bodyshop's compliance status. It automatically creates prioritised action plans, with deliverables and deadlines, and sends notifications around key dates for staff training, equipment servicing and audit compliance, with information visible at both bodyshop and network level.

Core's prioritised action plans can be managed by the bodyshops themselves, removing the need forconstant auditing and enabling field teams to dedicate more resource to developing business and implementing new initiatives based on actual priorities.
Core is used to build a complete picture of each bodyshop: its capacity, competencies, performance and standards compliance.

Core catalogues each location's physical resources, its dealer partners, its approved paint schemes and its technical capabilities. It maintains staff records for each bodyshop and databases each technician's qualifications and training schedule.
Core is also a network communication tool containing visible action plans and accessible standard documentation, and which promotes productive two-way communication between vehicle manufacturers and bodyshops.

Bodyshop capacity (jigs, bays, ovens, technicians and courtesy vehicles), manufacturer and dealer partners, work providers, and technical capability (vehicle and material specialisms).


Each technician, their qualifications and training record. Notifications are issued when qualifications expire or top-up training is required.


The ITAS bodyshop approval programme (or other audit methodologies) is managed through Core. Assessment standards are converted into web-based audits focusing on all aspects of the repair process and customer experience. Where evidence is required, a digital image can be attached to an assessment question.
The online audits can either be run by ITAS staff or incumbent auditors or can be operated by bodyshop staff on a self-assessment basis. Once the audit is in progress, Core will provide a prioritised list of key activities which need to be completed, and will send alerts to ensure that tasks are signed off in good time.

Data integration

Core pulls actual invoice costs from bodyshop management systems including parts, paint, courtesy car allocation and training, and makes these available for reporting on a per-job basis. Core also pulls labour time and VIN data on each vehicle repaired by the bodyshop.


Core integrates with the ITAS Clarity management information reporting solution and gives access to a comprehensive set of options for reporting on bodyshop performance.