Bodyshop Software

Clarity: all the data that matters, in one place

Management information reporting is delivered through the Clarity module, which helps networks to see their bodyshops more clearly.

Clarity gives powerful reporting out of the box and integrates with any existing data source to give custom reporting which fits perfectly.


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Clarity bodyshop software screenshots
Bodyshops can compare themselves on a like-for-like basis against other (anonymised) network members by number of ovens or technicians, by work provider, by vehicle manufacturer, by location or by any other factor.
All stakeholders can rely upon our reports to give a truly accurate and up-to-date snapshot of throughput, profitability, parts sales, key-to-key time, product efficiency, paint usage, total loss and more.
Clarity pulls actual costs through for reporting based upon bodyshop invoices and actual job timings from the Capture module, leveraging completely accurate and dependable information, never estimates.
Clarity isn't just about reporting on what has happened. It's a powerful data modelling tool, too. If you want to see how profitability might be increased by adding a new oven, or a jig, or a new technician in one bodyshop or many, Clarity will tell you.
  • Bays
  • Ovens
  • Courtesy cars
  • Technicians
  • Regional
  • Jobs
  • Job cost
  • Job type
  • Top Ten makes
  • By insurer
  • By vehicle age
  • Parts cost
  • Parts profit
  • Paint sales
  • Paint costs
  • Recovery rate
  • Repair time
  • Labour rates
  • Product efficiency
  • Retail estimate conversion
  • Courtesy car cycle time
  • Total loss

Plus integration into existing or legacy systems to give reporting across any additional custom dimensions you need.