Bodyshop Software

Capture: the most accurate monitor of repair time.

Capture is a web-based system which gathers and shares repair data between vehicle manufacturers, work providers, bodyshops, paint manufacturers and policy holders.

It offers work deployment and real-time repair monitoring, sends automatic job status updates to customers and generates repair certificates.

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  • Simple management of bodyshop networks
  • Real-time data reporting for repairs
  • Compare bodyshop activity by region, vehicle type, paints or parts usage, or insurer approval
  • Accurate allocation of work to bodyshops according to capacity, capability or location
  • Track repairs in real time from FNOL onwards
  • Complete and accurate cost and key-to-key time analysis
  • Automatically receive new jobs from work providers
  • View vehicle repair history, factory- and showroom-fitted parts
  • Simple interface for updating job progress
  • Monitor progress of repair – online or on smartphone
  • Encourages engagement in CSI process post-repair
  • Issues repair certificates
The progress of any repair can be tracked through Capture from first notification of loss, leak-free recovery and deployment to repair and return.

Job status is managed through Capture's intuitive interface on computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Each step of the job is recorded to the second, giving valuable insight into where efficiencies can be found at each stage of each job for each bodyshop in the network.
As a deployment tool, Capture helps to allocate vehicles to the right bodyshop according to capacity, capability and proximity, reducing key-to-key times and courtesy car costs and improving CSI scores.
Bodyshops have complete access to all the information around each vehicle's repair history and any optional parts fitted - all the data needed to correctly estimate and repair the vehicle right first time, and to reduce additional administrative and rework costs.

Through its integration with Core, Capture leverages invoice costs, vehicle data and job timings from each bodyshop management system, including parts, paint, courtesy car allocation and training, and makes these available for reporting on a per-job basis.

Capture sends updates to the customer keeping them aware of the progress of their repair and enhancing the overall post-accident experience.

The system can be integrated with existing CSI processes to encourage customers to give valuable feedback on the service they have received.
Repair guarantee programmes can also be run through Capture. The system can generate automated repair certificates which we produce and distribute, including in the mailout marketing and communication material on behalf of the vehicle manufacturer or other stakeholders.