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ITAS Academy interior

The ITAS Academy

The brainchild of a former aviation safety engineer, International Technical Automotive Systems (ITAS) was founded in 2002.

Our founding vision was to create an aftermarket environment where accident-damaged vehicles could be reinstated to the standards established by the manufacturing process - preparing them for the next accident.

Our experience of aviation safety training and attention to detail made it apparent that the standards set and followed in the automotive accident repair sector were highly variable and that the bar needed to be raised.

Our objectives at the outset were more personal than commercial with the primary focus being the social impact of our activity. The ITAS business has grown considerably since those early days but we have always maintained our passion and determination to make a positive contribution to the automotive industry.

The ITAS Academy is our state-of-the-art training centre designed from the ground up to meet the needs of tomorrow’s automotive technicians.

Set across two floors, the 33,000ft2 facility in Milton Keynes contains the very best equipment and technology, hand-picked by ITAS from across the globe to give candidates the right tools to follow the right standards to make the right repair, time after time.

  • Multiple ready-made technical training areas and classrooms of varying sizes.

  • Dual cyclonic paint booths specifically designed for continuous training, with viewing galleries and a full-length divider which enables two vehicles to be sprayed one after the other, maximising the candidates’ practical training and reducing downtime.

  • Our large paint mixing rooms are suitable for group tuition and are equipped with a number of paint schemes.

  • Isolated welding facilities including a separate high-specification area for composite panel training.

  • A dedicated Apprentice Training Area creates an environment in which the apprentices feel valued and respected, and where each candidate has the opportunity to achieve a high level of skill which prepares them for a long career in the industry.

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